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2021 Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay – Jesse Melamed’s custom build 

December 15, 2020

Jesse Melamed riding the Instinct Powerplay in Vancouver

"Every time I have ridden a Rocky Mountain Powerplay over the last few years I have a riot of a time. I usually can't stop smiling. Now that I have one of my own I can't wait to get out and find some hill-climb challenges and explore some new trails. It will be the perfect tool for when I need a rest day but still want to get out and ride!"    

-Jesse Melamed

Frame:  Instinct Powerplay, size Medium, RIDE-9 in Position 1

Fork:  Fox 38 Float EVOL Grip2 Factory Series 170mm  

Shock:  Fox DPX2 210x55mm, with Rocky Mountain shock bearing eyelets  

Stem:  Race Face TurbineR 40mm reach, 35mm clamp with EDC  tool

Handlebars:  Race Face NextR 740mm width, 35mm clamp, 35mm rise  

Headset: FSA Orbit NO.57E

Grips: Race Face Love Handle

Brakes:  Shimano XTR 4-Piston Finned Metal Pads RT86 203mm Fr RT86 203mm Rr  

Shifter: Shimano XTR 12 speed 

Derailleur: Shimano XTR 12-speed  

Cassette:  Shimano XTR  10-45

Chain: Shimano XTR  

Chainguide:  OneUp Components Chain Guide Top Kit V2  

Pedals:  Crankbrothers Mallet E  

Wheels: Race Face TurbineR 30mm 

Tires: Maxxis Assegai MaxxGrip DH 29x2.5WT / Maxxis Minion DHR2 MaxxGrip DH 29x2.5WT 

Seatpost:  Fox Transfer 150mm

Saddle: WTB Silverado

Click here to explore the 2021 Instinct Powerplay models. 

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed riding the Instinct Powerplay in Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver

Jesse Melamed Instinct Powerplay Vancouver


Previous News 2021 Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay BC Edition – Rémi Gauvin’s custom build  “I am really excited to finally have a Powerplay in my bike quiver. In the short time that I have had the bike, I have already had a ton of fun riding and using it. It has allowed me to get a few sneaky MTB rides in when the sun has been shining on days that I have been too tired to pedal fully on my own steam as I am now back into a full-time offseason training schedule. The time it takes to get to the top of the trails is staggeringly quick and the bike is no slouch on the way back down either. It has also been a blast to boot around town on! Because it is based off of the Instinct BC platform that I have ridden on hundreds of hours already it was instantly comfortable for me and I am looking forward to riding it more this winter!”
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Guiding in the Dolomites

February 25, 2020
We hope this story inspires you and allows you to daydream about your past riding adventures. As riders, we know that spending time on the trails helps us during these times of uncertainty, but we ask that you minimize the risks to yourself and others, and join us in following all local health guidelines as you venture outside.


Story by Julia Hofmann
Photos by Mattias Fredriksson

When I was young and exploring in the garden and woods around my house, I always found the most joy in sharing my discoveries with others; a new hiding spot or some exciting forest treasure. As I’ve gotten older, it’s still a favourite pastime, only now my world extends further, and my discoveries are much bigger.   

I’ve spent several years riding my mountain bike through remote, little-known places around the world. Usually, I’m barely back at home before the next wave of wanderlust comes over me and I feel the pull to set off again. 

I am fascinated by the people I’ve met, different cultures and landscapes I’ve experienced, and the incredible singletrack I’ve ridden. Each country has had unique trails; in Chile they are deep and dusty, in Canada they are steep and technical tracks through the forest, and in Norway the trails run between the fjords and over stone slabs and tree roots. Kosovo, Albania, France, Spain – each has had a different flavour. In sharing details about my travels, I am able to inspire others to also explore the world with their bikes – and it feels as joyful as sharing my garden hiding spots back in the day.  

It was this passion for travel and inclusion that led to my guiding career. I wanted to help other mountain bikers enjoy what I was experiencing; nature, the trails, and the local culture in these special places. So when I was asked if I wanted to do some skills training and guiding in the Dolomites, I couldn’t refuse. 

The Dolomites are one of the most unique and impressive rock formations in the world. And although they are just three and a half hours drive from where I live, I had never been to the area. I only knew of the Dolomites through winter sports and road bike racing – every road biker dreams of doing the famous Sellaronda route one day – but I had no idea that a world-class mountain biking paradise was also tucked away there.

When I finally stood in the mountains there I was overwhelmed by impressiveness of the landscape. Whichever way I looked – north, south, east or west – each and every vista was picture-postcard worthy. The sight of these huge, sheer rockfaces rising up out of the pale green undulating meadows is so powerful that it literally takes your breath away. The infrastructure is perfect for mountain bikers too; all the gondolas take bikes and there are plenty of lifts to access the riding zones. I knew instantly that this was one of those big discoveries and I couldn’t wait for the joy of sharing it with others. 

For the first few years, I found the layout of the mountains confusing. There are so many different interconnecting valleys in the Dolomites that I would suddenly find myself in the wrong one. Often it would be getting late and I had no idea how to get back to where I was meant to be. (Having an e-bike came in handy in these situations.) I was grateful that my friend, Arno Feichter runs the local bike shop in Sexten and is also a guide. He gave me the lay of the land and also introduced me to all the secret little gems that can only be found with local knowledge. 

The natural trails here are steep and technical at the top, often taking you over rugged, rocky slab formations – with no room for error. Further down the valley and below the treeline, the ground gets softer and the trails become more flowy and playful, with a slippery tree root here and a natural berm there. Back down at the bottom, it’s either time for a pizza or another lift to head back up the mountain.

Over the past few years, more and more flow trails have been developed in the Dolomites, allowing even the greenest of mountain bikers to enjoy the high-mountain scenery and creating the perfect environment for my beginners’ skills courses. Combining a guided experience with some skills training – correct position for braking, pushing, and jumping – allows riders to feel more confident and therefore get more enjoyment out of the trails and stunning environment.

Whenever I’m in the area, Arno shows me yet another, even more stunning trail in the Tre Cime region. Last autumn we spent five days together; on E-bike reccies, carrying our regular mountain bikes up technical sections via ferratas, and doing laps on the Helm; the local mountain near the village of Sexten. And even with that, I’ve hardly even covered a quarter of the trails, so there really is plenty experience – and share. 

Julia Hofmann has been a part of the Rocky Mountain family for several years. While she spends her time on a myriad of different bikes from us, the ones featured in this article include her Altitude Powerplay, Altitude, and Slayer

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Introducing the Instinct Powerplay

December 14, 2018

The Instinct Powerplay will take you to the places you never thought possible. When it comes time to head out the door that epic ride into the alpine, you'll be riding further and faster than ever before on what is our most versatile e-MTB yet.

Taking our Powerplay line up to the next level, the Instinct Powerplay integrates our powerful Dyname™ 3.0 drive system with a 29” wheeled platform for fast rolling rides and long distances. Featuring the new iWoc TRIO remote, our RIDE-9 adjustment system, tweaked suspension kinematics, and great small-bump sensitivity, the Instinct Powerplay is perfect for the big epic rides!

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