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Rocky Mountain Supports Endure Nepal Film

January 22, 2016

We're proud to support Endure Nepal, a women's mountain bike adventure film. Check out more info below, and please consider supporting their Kickstarter campaign.

Endure Nepal Film is a documentary that will chronicle 5 amazing lady shredders bike packing in Nepal. The Langtang Valley was one of the hardest hit regions from the earthquakes and landslides that destroyed the area this past spring. Rebuilding has begun in this valley and the reconstructed teahouses and trekking routes are beginning to bring prosperity back to this devastated and beautiful area where the project will focus.

Filming is set to begin in March 2016 and will provide a visually stunning, epic adventure for this group of women. The film is an observational documentary twinned with an outdoor adventure film, which will look at sustainable tourism. The planned route will take them 100 miles, from Katmandu to Kyanjin Gompa in Langtang Valley to build a special high altitude greenhouse. The riders will gain over 23,000 feet in elevation during the trip.

Team members include: Julie Cornelius, Melissa Ross, Regina Jefferies and Tricia Davis based out of Arizona; Kjersti Christensen from Seattle, Carolyn Wells from Whistler, Reshmi Parajuli from Nepal and Sarah Li from the UK.

The Rocky Mountain Sherpa is a bike that will not only allow the ladies to tackle the long and difficult journey, but allow for an ample amount of fun to shred on the high-volume 27.5" plus tires. 

"We are very excited to be riding the Rocky Mountain Sherpa in Nepal. Rocky Mountain has shown so much enthusiasm for our project and the bike will be perfect for the riding we will be doing." — Julie Cornelius, Endure Nepal Film

Huge thanks go out to Rocky Mountain Bicycles for their support in this project. Thanks also to: Smith, Blackburn, Osprey, Swiftwick, Five Ten, Crankjoy, Potential En- ergy Training and Nutrition, Rage Cycles, Clipped In, Himalayan Rides, Sherpa Adventure Gear, Fazed Pictures, N’Agro-Seeds of Life and the Langtang Management and Reconstruction Committee for their early sponsorship. If you would like to help out with this amazing project you can check out our Kickstarter Campaign. Thank you!

Click here for more information on the Sherpa.

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