Introducing the 2015 Thunderbolt MSL

August 07, 2014

We are excited to introduce you to our new 2015 Thunderbolt MSL.

A 120mm travel, 27.5-wheeled XC trail bike, we designed it for people who hammer at the pointy end of the pack, but stay aggressive and stylish when terrain gets rougher. Marathon racing? Sure. Triple up those whoops? Why not! BC Bike Race? Of course! Smash every corner? Be rude not to.

The design process went much further than simply making a carbon version of our popular aluminum Thunderbolt; we reengineered it from the ground up to have shorter chainstays, lower standover, RIDE-9™ adjustability, new pivot technologies, increased anti-squat and more.

Global pricing to be announced. Available Fall 2014.


  • RIDE-9™ System — Our patented RIDE-9™ technology is the key to our bikes’ extraordinary versatility. It uses two interlocking chip insertsto adjust geometry and suspension characteristics, allowing riders to tune their bikes to their specific riding styles, terrain, and weight.
  • SMOOTHWALL™ Carbon — SMOOTHWALL™ carbon uses one of the world’s most sophisticated carbon processes to deliver industry leading stiffness-to-weight, ride quality, and durability. We eliminate excess resin and fibers by using rigid internal molds instead of traditional air bladders. We then utilize different typesof carbon in specific frame areas to maximize stiffness and impact resistance while minimizing overall weight.
  • PIPELOCK™ Pivot — Rather than relying on lateral compression for stiffness like traditional main pivot designs, our patent-pending PIPELOCK™ pivot uses a military grade, hard-anodized collet that expands radially to create the widest—and therefore most rigid—pivot stance possible. Using PIPELOCK™ allows us to cut our main pivot weight dramatically while significantly increasing lateral stiffness. PIPELOCK™ Pivots also feature grease ports for effortless maintenance.
  • BC2™ Pivots — Lighter and stiffer than conventional bearing pivots, our Bushing Concept 2 (BC2™) Pivots are the oversized next generation of our groundbreaking ABC™ system. Unlike other bushings, our patented system uses a hardened alloy insert that bottoms out to control the contact of the bushing surfaces, reducing the preload that causes stiction and binding. BC2™ Pivots also feature grease ports for effortless maintenance.
  • ABC™ Pivots — Our revolutionary Angular Bushing Concept (ABC™) pivots are lighter, stiffer, and require less maintenance than conventional bearing pivots. Like our BC2™ pivots, they rotate on hardened alloy inserts that bottom out to reduce stiction and binding. However, by using an angled bushing surface they increase their relative contact area, optimizing them for compact locations like chainstay pivots.
  • SMOOTHLINK™ Suspension — SMOOTHLINK™ suspension stays supple yet supportive through a wider range of gears than conventional single pivot or other four-bar suspension configurations. This patented system reduces both pedal-bob and bottom-outs, while allowing us to fine tune variables like braking and climbing traction across a widerange of intended uses.

Key Features

  • Fully Di2 compatible with integrated battery stealth port in downtube.
  • Internal cable, shock, and stealth dropper post routings keep cables neatly stowed.
  • Easy internal cable management with downtube stealth port.
  • 142mm E-Thru rear axle increases stiffness.
  • BB92 pressfit bottom bracket provides maximum lateral stiffness.
  • Grease ports on BC2™ and PIPELOCK™ pivots allow for fast and easy maintenance.



Thunderbolt 799 MSL


Thunderbolt 770 MSL


Thunderbolt 750 MSL


Thunderbolt 790 MSL

BC Edition

We’re a selfish bunch, so we couldn’t resist producing a Thunderbolt MSL BC Edition. With its lively, bottomless-feeling SMOOTHLINK™ suspension curve, adjustable RIDE-9™ system, and class-leading stiffness it was the perfect candidate for some additional brawn. Set up the way we set our own bikes up—wide bars, short stem, big tires, stiff wheels, and premium suspension—, the BC Edition translates the Thunderbolt’s agility into true trail bike playfulness and aggression.

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