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Introducing the new eVox CITY

29 June 2015

To introduce the eVox CITY, we wanted to be different and original, just like our electric bicycle. Thus, we teamed up with painters and graffiti artists for this event. Using the themes of design, creation and the electric bicycle, each artist ex- pressed their impressions with original works created especially for this unique event. Our team had a strong desire to get involved in the community, that’s why we have chosen to partner with the Canadian Women’s Foundation. The Foundation invests in the strength of women and the dreams of girls as well as works to end violence toward them. It is also dedicated to helping them move out of poverty and building strong and resilient girls. The Foundation has been active for over 24 years and works throughout Canada through local organizations that have a real, concrete impact on hundreds of women every year. As part of a silent auction, the paintings were auctioned and all the profits were donated to the Foundation.


Designed in partnership with the renowned Industrial Designer Michel Dallaire, and developed in our Electric R & D lab located in St. Georges, Quebec, the eVox CITY has no reason to be envious of other electric bicycles. Indeed, its unique and distinctive style makes it a highly attractive means of transportation, in addition to being very efficient. The FiT (Frame Integrated Technology) design, unique to eVox, integrates all the electrical and electronic components into the frame, making it stand out and be distinctive.


By integrating the console/display system into the stem we have designed a very sleek and user friendly control. We also built a LED light in the console so you can be easily seen during your night rides.


More than just giving you a balanced ride due to its central location, the compactness of the battery allows it to be discretely integrated into the frame, barely seen by observers when you ride.


All of the electronics (basically the brains of the bike) are contained within the frame using the FiT design. This ensures added protection against bad weather and fewer wires to get in your way.



If the design of the eVox CITY is its soul, then the various technologies it uses are its heart. Powerful as well as discrete, yet always present in whatever situation. Several unique technologies are integral to this heart, each one developed to assist you in whatever circumstances. Here they are:


Its dual-core motor, integrated into the bottom bracket, is completely independent and frictionless, making pedaling as easy as with a traditional bicycle. The motor is located so that the weight of the bicycle is balanced between the wheels, lowering its center of gravity, again adding to a natural feel when cycling.

The compact, the 500W High Torque motor propels you on even the most rugged roads. Industry leading performance, the compact DynaMe motor produces almost 1000 watts of peak power and more than 80 Nm at the rear wheel.


The battery offers the cyclist security while also ensuring that everything is working well and that the return trip will be as easy as the one going, regardless of the distance covered that day. The battery offers more than just 800 full recharges – it is, above all, a unique technology using 96-volt Lithium-Ion cells designed to give you the energy you need when you need it. Enjoy going electric – with no worries!


When battery life is no longer an issue, what becomes important is the recharge time during your long rides. We understood this and thus developed FAST (Fast And Simple Time) technology. Take a break and partially recharge in minutes, or get a full recharge in between 70 and 120 minutes, based on battery size. Another example of technology created to keep you riding longer, and as often as possible.


We design and develop our own technology here in Canada because we believe in our products and we want you to know that you can count on it. With eVox Care, you can rest assured that no matter what happens, everything will go smoothly. With a five- year warranty on the motor and 18 months on the battery, you’ll really cover ground with your eVox CITY. We also offer an extended eVox Care program to cover the motor for 10 years and the battery for 36 months (with certain conditions). Ask your eVox dealer for all the details, but be assured that you can count on us.